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Pumpkin Apple Fruit Roll

Pumpkin Apple Fruit Roll


2 cups pumpkin purée
1 cup unsweetened apple sauce
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
6 soft pitted dates


Blend all the ingredients in a Super Blender until smooth.
On solid sheets, divide the mixture and spread out evenly with a spatula or spoon.
Put sheets in your Dehydrator and dehydrate for about 7-8 hours.
Allow to cool before cutting with a knife or pizza cutter (be careful not to cut through the solid sheet).
Store in an airtight container.

Did you know?

Pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A which helps maintain good eyesight and healthy skin, teeth and bones. Pumpkin seeds are a great snack that is rich in the amino acid tryptophan, this amino acid is important in the production of serotonin, one of the major players when it comes to our mood.
Nature’s very own tooth brush, apples stimulate the production of saliva, reducing the bacteria in the mouth while reducing tooth decay. Apples are rich in soluble fibre stabilising sugar levels, reducing mood swings and lowering cholesterol levels.
Dates are natures candy. These delicious treats are filled with iron, potassium, sodium, protein and vitamins. They are low in cholesterol and do not contain excessive amounts of fat. The combination of these nutrients are good for the heart, aid in weight-loss, provide energy and reduce the risks of strokes.