Craft Shops

Dry ornaments and other crafts in less than half the time it normally takes!

Being a craftsman is a talent for the chosen few. Do not let your precise work go to waste while waiting for the perfect drying weather conditions. With our range of dehydrators you are guaranteed that your crafts will dry timeously!

A dehydrator gently circulates warm air through the trays to ensure fast and even drying. Resulting in moisture being removed without any mould forming.

Trays can be removed to make space for bulkier items.

In the long run using a dehydrator saves you money as it saves you time and effort giving you the chance to get more done in less time.

With adjustable heat settings you control the drying process 100%.

Our dehydrators are portable, with a small footprint giving you the flexibility to work almost anywhere regardless of the weather conditions.

What’s not to love?

The possibilities with a dehydrator are endless!