Cake Decorators

We will leave the stunning designs to you! Let the our range of dehydrators take care of drying your icing for cookies, cake decorations and more!

Making cakes and cookies is a sweet enough deal as it is! You do not need the added worry of icing not drying properly or cracking, or even not having the perfect shiny finish. With the Kuto dehydrator you do not need to worry about any this. This neat little unit will sort you out and ensure that you have treats that look as good as they taste!

  • A dehydrator gently circulates warm air through the trays to ensure fast and even drying. Resulting in moisture being removed without changing the consistency of the item being dried.
  • A moving air source across the icing while drying result in a stunning shiny finish.
  • Drying larger itemes? Space is always an option!
  • In the long run using a dehydrator saves you money as it saves you time and effort giving you the chance to get more done in less time.
  • With adjustable heat settings, you control the drying process 100%.
  • Our range of dehydrators are portable, with a small footprint you have the flexibility to work almost anywhere regardless of the weather conditions.

What’s not to love?

The possibilities with a dehydrator are endless!