Dehydrators – Savings and more

How you save money when owning a dehydrator!

  • Reduce food wasteExcess food? You no longer need to throw it away. You can preserve it by dehydrating it and save on money spent on buying the food.
  • Huge savings Grocery shops tend to offer special discounts on bulk orders. A dehydrator allows you to preserve excess food affording you the opportunity to buy in bulk cutting down your grocery bill in the long run.
  • Spend less on herbs and spices
    Buying pre-dried and packed herbs can be pricey. You can grow your own herbs and spices (and you are not limited to variations available in store) and dry them at a minimum cost.
  • Encourages you to eat healthier
    You would be surprised that certain fruits and vegetables that you normally do not eat taste amazing once dried. The flavour combined with a different texture take your taste buds on a different adventure. You consume more healthy variety.
  • Maybe even go raw
    Who came up with the idea that our food should be cooked? Raw food retains all the nutrients and enzymes that are lost when the food is cooked. Plus with a dehydrator you can still enjoy crunchy and tasty food while skipping the preservatives, colourants and additives found in processed foods.
  • Camp savings Camping is fun but finding the right food at an affordable price often proves to be a nightmare. With a dehydrator, this does not have to be the case. You can make biltong, dehydrated soup packs, dried fruit and much more and you don’t have to pay the atrocious prices for these things at local camping stores.
  • No more junk
    Candy and other sweets tend to be expensive but some of us have a sweet tooth that we just can’t ignore. Dried fruit is an affordable (and healthy) alternative that you can take advantage of, if you have a food dehydrator.

Why a dehydrator?

  • Less kitchen appliances
    When you have a food dehydrator, you realize that you don’t really need a lot of the appliances you had before hand or you do not have as much use for them as before. What easier way is there to make money than to sell the items that you no longer need.
  • Homemade gifts
    We love showing our loved ones just how much we love them by buying gifts. With a dehydrator you can make creative (sometime edible) gifts and save.
  • Less money on electricity bills
    Running an electric food dehydrator is cheaper than running other appliances in the home.
  • Less visits to the doctor
    It’s really easy to maintain a healthy diet when you have a food dehydrator that you use regularly. Eating healthier means you are also healthier so you do not need to see the doctor as often.
  • Life made simple.
    Preparing your own food tends to simplify your life. You are more involved in the rituals involved in preparing the food so your energy is focused on things that matter and are productive.

Lets make money!

  • Make and sell
    Your dehydrator can practically pay for itself if you plan well. Dehydrated foods are such a welcome change to over processed foods commonly found. So why not sell what you make and create your own business? It’s a smart way to raise money! Remember, cheap is not always best.
  • Go big with ideas
    Be creative, experiment with your dehydrator and create specialized recipes, you could even create a blog and share your recipes with dehydrator companies and your recipes might just make money.
  • Share your knowledge
    Write about your dehydrator and using it, sharing is caring so care away by putting together blog posts and articles and even books eventually and turn your favorite past time into a money generating project.
  • Teach others on a practical level
    People are eager to learn about different new ways to prepare food. Hold a class or two and show people what they can do with a dehydrator. Maybe even become an affiliate for a retailer and make money while teaching people by recommending certain brands.

Get the best deal! 

  • Look around for the best deal.
    The first shop that offers you a price on a dehydrator might not be offering the best price. Make sure that you weigh all your options and prices and invest in the best dehydrator with the best price.
  • Look for special offers.
    Once you’ve found a lovely deal on a dehydrator, try and find out if the retailer is offering any discounts on the purchase.
  • Know what you want.
    There are various models to choose from. Some dehydrators have round designs while others have a square design, some are expandable and others not. Ensure that you get a dehydrator the best meet your needs.

Make money and save money with a smart investment in a food dehydrator.