Dehydrating Herbs & Spices

Freshly harvested herbs give you the best of both worlds; they provide extra flavour while saving you money.

How to dry your herbs

Leaves and Stems

In some cases it is better to leave the stems for herbs like basil or mint and then you only remove the leaves once the herbs are completely dry. This helps reduce preparation time before putting the herbs on the dehydrator.

Single layers on the dehydrator

Whatever you do, do not add more than a single layer of herbs on each dehydrator tray. A single layer ensures even air circulation and your leaves will dry evenly.

Tray space for better airflow

This might not be necessary, especially for a round dehydrator like the Ezidri, that has technology which provides even airflow but for some models it is recommended to remove trays that are not being used to aid in air circulation.

Its all about heat control

To maximize on flavour, use the lowest setting available. Herb leaves are small and fragile and should be treated as gently as possible.


Once your herbs are dry, gently crumble them and store in an airtight container.