Make Your Own Yoghurt

Why Dehydrate?

Dehydrating is one of the most natural ways to preserve food. Not only does owning a dehydrator give you flavour enhanced food but dehydrating has many other benefits such as:

Easy storage

Dehydrators themselves take up quite an amount of space but dehydrated foods shrink to less than half its original size, allowing you to fit a significantly large amount of food in a small area. This is ideal for camping, large families, and anyone with little room and a big appetite.


Dehydrating preserves your food with no additional additives, colourants and preservatives that can be harmful to your health and body. Dehydrated foods, when stored in the correct manner, can last up to a year without any signs of mold. This is yet to be proven as most dehydrated foods are eaten up within the first few weeks as these snacks are simply irresistible


Dehydrated food ranges from dried fruit and vegetables to crackers and chips. If it has moisture then it can be dehydrated. Not only can you eat your dehydrated foods as snacks but they can be reconstituted to make sauces, pizza toppings, soups, pies, cakes and much more. Some dehydrators also offer the option to expand the trays by up to 30 trays. With such a dehydrator you can dehydrate a lot of variety in one go without using any additional electricity.


Dehydrators are affordable to buy but the real saving in dehydrating is in the amount of produce that is not thrown away due to spoilage.

Emergency food

With all the uncertainty in the world’s economy and the natural disasters occurring on a daily basis. It is scary to see that a lot of people are not prepared on how they will survive should such occur in their area. Dehydrating ensures that you have food stored for a long period of time which can also be reconstituted into healthy nutritious meals.

Create healthy food

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables require no added sugar, salt or preservatives. Plus you get all the fibre of the whole fruit and all the minerals.