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Red Beet Chips

Red Beet Chips


12 beets
Olive oil to lightly cover the beets
A sprinkle of Salt


Using a Mandoline slicer, carefully slice your beets into chips

Massage your sliced beets with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt

Place them on trays in the Kuto or Ezidri Ultra dehydrator at 45 degree celsius for a few hours depending on how thin you sliced them, they shouldn’t take too long in the dehydrator

Remove from dehydrator and let them cool for a few minutes and enjoy

*Tip – You can add some spices, to get that sweet and spicy flavour

Did you know?

Beetroot is one of the sweeter vegetables available and is used for salads and juices. Beetroot is rich in nitrates that are known to reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of strokes and heart related disease. Beetroot also includes a pigment called betacyanin which gives it the beautiful red colour. Betacyanin is a powerful antioxidant that speeds up detoxification in your liver.

Olive oil is know to be a great source of monounsaturated fats which are found in both animal- and plant-based sources. The beauty of monounsaturated fats is in the following, it decreases the risk of cancer, reduces bad cholesterol levels, helps manage weight and is also known to help reduce belly fat.